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Let’s do this!

1. Let’s Chat

This is where we learn about you and your business, discuss your business ideas and how to make them a reality.  Most importantly, we need to understand where your business is now and what you see it becoming.

2. Plan

This is where we draw out everything and all the possiblities what third party applications to use and their costs and list them all out and choose the best direction to move forward with.

3. Execute

Putting the plan into action, this is where we start doing the leg work and we can explain to you every step of the way what is happening, even better we can walk you thru it so you can execute on your own with our team as your guide.  A lot of clients appreciate this part because they learn to maintain their online presence on their own so they become their own in house IT team.  If you don’t have the time, we can always do it for you.

4. I test, you test

Testing is a critical step that cannot be skipped.  This is where we find the bugs and make any minor changes and especially the detailed ones, such as user fields, colors, user access, server stability, and more.

5. Launch

GO Live! Everything is ready and we launch and start preparing for marketing and essentially version 2 of your website.  The development never stops even after launch.  It is also important to keep track of feedback and comments so we know exactly where to spend time on the next update for your business!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
Wayne Gretzky

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